IATSE TTF/InfoComm Partnership

Audiovisual communications technologies are growing throughout the entertainment and exhibition industries. This growth has created a need for more and better trained personnel to install, maintain, and operate AV equipment. The IATSE Training Trust Fund has entered into a partnership with InfoComm International  to continue to provide InfoComm benefits and membership to all IATSE workers, and to promote the importance of trained AV professionals.

Courses Available Through the TTF

  • AV EssentialsAV Essentials is a four-day, hands on classroom course that is part of the InfoComm/IATSE Live Event Technician Certificate Program. The course is designed for IATSE workers who want to become audiovisual technicians.
  • InfoComm Certified Specialist Prep Course - CTS Prep can help ease your nerves and boost your confidence before you take the Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) exam. This course is available online and in the classroom.

InfoComm Partnership Benefits

  • Membership - InfoComm partnership members can access free and discounted training and seminars, free event and trade show admittance, networking opportunities, tools, and resources for AV professionals. For more information about InfoComm, click here.
  • Free Online Education Resources Quick Start to the AV Industry Online, Essentials of AV Technology OnlineAV Technologist Test, and CTS Prep Online.
  • Recognized AV Tech - The InfoComm Recognized AV Technologist Certificate Program offers a way for AV professionals to get entry-level technical knowledge. This certificate is not a certification, but employers in the industry look upon those with the recognition as having a baseline of common knowledge and vocabulary. Those who wish to earn a certificate can take the three classes and test online for free through the IATSE/IATSE TTF/InfoComm partnership. For more information about the certificate program, click here.
  • CTS Certification - A Certified Technology Specialist is a recognized certification for experienced AV workers. The course is three days long, and there is no cost for qualified students for materials or to attend. For more information about CTS certification, click here.

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InfoComm partnership registration is open to all IATSE workers. Register today to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity with courses and content prepared just for you!

If you already have an InfoComm account, please provide your credentials and we'll link it to the partnership.

Need Help?

Are you having trouble accessing an InfoComm online course or another component of the IATSE/IATSE TTF/InfoComm partnership? Contact us and include as much detail as you can so we can give you the best help possible.