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AV Essentials


This four-day, hands-on course is part of the AVIXA/IATSE TTF Live Event Technician Certificate focused on training IATSE workers for work as audio visual technicians.

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What is it?

AV Essentials is a four-day, live class that covers basic setup, audio operation and troubleshooting, projection, presentation files, and audiovisual networks typical in breakout rooms. Students are given a written exam and presentation set-up exercise to perform as final exams. Class size is limited to 28 students per class and daily attendance is mandatory. Class days are 8-10 hours long and the online courses must be completed within six months.

AVIXA/IATSE TTF Live Event Technician Certificate

After the hands-on class, students have six months to complete the following AVIXA online courses for the certificate program:

  • Quick Start to the AV Industry

  • Essentials of AV Technology for IATSE

  • AV Math for IATSE

  • Event Set-up for IATSE

These online courses give live event professionals an overview of the AV industry, science, and vocabulary of audiovisual systems, while “AV math” helps eliminate system setup guess work. After successfully completing AV Essentials and the set of AVIXA online courses, students receive an AVIXA/IATSE TTF Live Event Technician Certificate.

How Do we Request a Class?

Local union officers should email us to request an application. We will follow up to discuss your AV contracts and local training needs. In some cases, the local union may incur expenses.