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Convention Rigging in Houston, TX | Local 51


  • Fall protection and Fall Arrest
  • Layout & Markout and Weight Distribution
  • Train on building rigging points and tying them on and sending them up: In the air assembly
  • Train on Point Assembly Efficiencies and Tricks and adjustments
  • Train and practice checking points from the grid and on the ground: Action/Reaction, Laser, Plum Chain
  • Train and Practice breaking and lowering in points: Action/ Reaction, Patience, Speed Control
  • Train and practice receiving points from the grid: Box placement, Control
  • Cable Management and Aiming
  • Custom wire Rope Cables: Nico press, Crosby’s, Adjustable, Varilocks


DATE: August 5, 2017


INSTRUCTORS: Colin J. Peters and Frank Grasso

This course is made possible through the IATSE TTF Supported Course Program. If you are interested in this training, contact Local 51 for more information.