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Entertainment Electrics in Burbank, CA | Local 33

Three-day course covers everything from basic electricity to advanced power distro, safety, codes and regulations, and control systems. This course counts up to 21 renewal credits for ETCP Certified Electricians.

The first day is the foundation builder and refresher on electricity, including DC, AC, Ohm’s law, power, impedance, phase angles, three-phase power, balancing loads, dimming, and more.

The second day covers electrical safety and power distribution including CEC, NFPA 70-E, portable generators, transformers, feeder cable, disconnects, overcurrent protection, branch circuits, connectors, grounding, GFCIs, load calculations, harmonics, lock-out/tag-out, and more.

The third day covers networking systems starting with binary numbers and working through data distribution systems and networking including Ethernet, RDM, ACN, Streaming ACN, wireless, fiber, and more.

DATES: April 23-25, 2018

LOCATION: San Fernando, CA

INSTRUCTOR: Richard Cadena, author of Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician and Technician

This course is made possible through the IATSE TTF Course Reimbursement Program. If you are interested in this training, email Local 33 for more information.