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Fall Protection Authorized User in Burbank, CA | Local 33

The 4 hour course is designed to provide:

  • An overview of the legislation relating to work at heights.
  • A background in how equipment can be used to achieve this.
  • The proper use and limitations of typical fall protection equipment.
  • The criteria for issue, ID marking, inspection, record keeping, maintenance, storage and removal from service.

All students will be expected to wear and use a full body harness and discuss fall protection regulations, equipment limitations and anchor point requirements. Rescue and suspension trauma will be discussed to insure understanding.

DATE: October 5, 2018


INSTRUCTORS: Mike Scharnell, Ver Sales: OSHA 3110 Fall Protection Instructor and SPRAT Level 1 Rope Access Instructor

This course is made possible through the IATSE TTF Course Reimbursement Program. If you are interested in this training, contact Local 33 for more information.