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Arena Rigging ETCP Refresher in Austin, TX | Local 205

Arena Rigging Mathematics and Practices is a five-hour refresher course where riggers will review current rigging standards and codes, along with detailed and as needed individual instruction on the proper use and application of common formulas to solve rigging problems.

  • Weight and distance conversions
  • Wire rope ladder and fall arrest systems
  • Chain hoist safety and power
  • Rigging equipment and usage
  • Strength reduction factors (terminal efficiencies, knots, bends, clips) 
  • Design factors
  • Shock loads
  • Cartesian coordinates
  • Math process - order of operations
  • Pythagoras and You
  • Calculating:  Bridle leg lengths and tension, Horizontal forces, Bridle forces, Resultants, Vectors, Forces at the ends of a span, Load Distribution and tilted objects
  • Components of a Safety Plan
  • Traveler track rigging and operation
  • Fire Curtain parts and operation
  • Fly Rail calculations, components and operation

DATES: September 18-20, 2018


INSTRUCTOR: Brad Kagel & Greg Blanks, National Production Services, Inc.

This course is made possible through the IATSE TTF Course Reimbursement Program. If you are interested in this training, contact Local 11 for more information.