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Aerial Work Platform Operator in Canton, MA | Local 481

This custom aerial work platform certification class, designed for motion picture crew members, includes an eight-hour classroom section with presentation, discussion, video, and a written test that is followed by pre-operation inspections and 60-minute, individual practical appointments conducted on boom lifts, scissor lifts, and mast lifts. It is led by Local 481 members and JLG Certified Trainers Phil Reilly and Eric Komar. They conduct the class and also oversee all practical, hands-on appointments with the assistance of Local 481 mentors.

The classroom section focuses on:

  • Applicable OSHA regulations, ANSI standards, and Safety Bulletins

  • Fall protection and fall arrest

  • Minimum approach distances

  • Collision hazards

  • Assessing tip over risk and range of motion

  • work sit hazard assessment

  • Ground safety

Each participant performs a function test prio to operation during the practical exercise. This class stresses safety throughout and exceeds OSHA training program criteria.

DATES: March 9-10, 2019


INSTRUCTORS: Phil Reilly and Eric Komar, JLG Certified Trainers

This course is made possible through the IATSE TTF Course Reimbursement Program. If you are interested in this training, contact Local 481 for more information.