Curriculum Library 

It is a goal of the IATSE Training Trust Fund to provide the highest quality training resources to workers throughout the IATSE. To that end, we are developing a Curriculum Library to which local unions can apply and receive IATSE TTF customized curricula for training.

We encourage all locals using TTF curriculum to send their trainers to the TTF Train the Trainer workshop. Learn more here.

Local unions interested in using TTF branded curriculum should have an officer submit a completed application to the IATSE TTF. We will contact your local and the trainers you have identified to discuss the application, orientation, training, and use of curriculum.  

TTF Curricula

  • OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety ©| Modules | Application
  • AV Essentials © | Modules | Application
  • Safety First! © |Modules | Application

Safety First! ©

The IATSE TTF and UCLA LOSH have developed customized Entertainment Safety modules for the IATSE TTF Safety First! © curricula. This curricula is available for use by all IATSE locals. The modules are designed to convey safety awareness and include: Basic Entertainment Safety, Biological Hazards, Hazard Communication, Chemical Protection, Electrical Safety, Fall Protection and Prevention, Elevated Platforms and Aerial Lifts, Scaffold Safety, Ergonomics, Noise Exposure, Confined Spaces/Small Spaces, Firearm Safety, Hand and Power Tools, Compressed Gas, Rigging Safety, and Welding and Cutting.

What makes this curricula special is that there are case studies from the various crafts to go with the safety modules. This makes the curriculum relevant to the various crafts and means it can be customized based on the group being taught. The instructor manuals give a detailed script and the modules can be taught by instructors of all levels, even a brand new trainer!

The TTF is also collecting other curricula available to share. If your local is looking for a craft training or other course not listed, please contact us as we may be able to help you locate the curriculum you need.


  1. The local’s designated trainer(s) will attend a Curriculum Orientation prior to curricula being released.
  2. The local must use TTF provided sign-in sheets for each class taught with IATSE TTF curriculum and send these to the IATSE TTF for tracking.
  3. Trainings local trainer(s) conduct using TTF curriculum do not qualify for Supported Course funds.
  4. If the local plans to use TTF completion cards for the OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety © course, local trainer(s) will need to attend a TTF Train the Trainer before cards can be issued.
  5. Non-compliance with any of the above regulations may lead to the TTF recalling right to use of TTF curriculum.
  6. These policies are subject to change at any time by the Trustees. The application and/or interpretation of these policies shall at all times be subject to the discretion of the Trustees, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

We are no longer accepting applications for 2017. We will begin accepting 2018 applications on January 2nd, 2018 when our website relaunches.