IATSE TTF/InfoComm Partnership

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InfoComm membership registration is open to all IATSE workers. Register today to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity with courses and content prepared just for you!

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If you already have an InfoComm account, please provide your credentials and we'll link it to the partnership.

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If you already have an InfoComm account, please provide your username and password. If you do not have an InfoComm account, skip!
If you previously registered through InfoComm and have a username and password, please provide it here. We will update your membership to reflect the IATSE TTF partnership.

InfoComm Website Maintenance

Please be advised that InfoComm is making improvements to their website and some features may not be available. These changes will make it easier for everyone to access and register for courses, but if you have any issues during this transition period, please contact us and include as many details as possible.

Need Help?

Are you having trouble accessing an InfoComm online course or another component of the IATSE TTF/InfoComm partnership? Contact us and include as much detail as you can so we can give you the best help possible.