Trainer Development

Train the Trainer Master Class: Teaching the Theoretical


This three-day, intensive workshop is for trainers actively teaching classes for their local after attending the Train the Trainer: Teaching and Presentation Techniques class. Participants learn to use activities to explain the abstract concepts of the safety or skills course they're developing or improving. 

What is it?

In this advanced workshop, trainers come to class with a concrete lesson they want to develop or further improve. Participants will learn about and design various types of activities that demonstrate elements of their lesson plan. The purpose is to use hands-on activities to explain abstract course concepts and incorporate activities into what is usually considered the lecture portion of a class. There is ample time in class to write the activities that will be incorporated into the course being developed. Participants must meet the course requirements and be nominated by their local to attend.

Who is it for?

It is intended for trainers who have participated in the Train the Trainer: Teaching and Presentation Techniques workshop and who are conducting craft skills training they design themselves. Trainers must have presented at least three trainings and reported these to the TTF for tracking to be eligible. Potential participants will need to submit course outlines for the course they plan to develop to their local to be submitted with the application.

Is there a cost?

The TTF is paying for the cost of three nights of room and taxes at the hotel where the training is held. We will also provide breakfast and lunch on days that class is in session. As with other courses, the TTF cannot pay for the cost of travel, meals outside of the ones provided, other incidentals, or per diem costs.

How do We apply?

Email us to request the application. Local unions nominate a trainer from their local. If space permits, you may send a second person to attend. Nominees must be IATSE workers who attended the Train the Trainer: Teaching and Presentations Techniques course and have taught at least three classes since attending the first Train the Trainer session. The designated local union officer will complete and submit one application for each trainer in their local.