TTF Train the Trainer


The IATSE Entertainment and Exhibition Industries Training Trust Fund launched our customized TTF Train the Trainer program in 2015. By way of this program, we are building the capacity of locals to offer safety and skills training to IATSE workers. The purpose is to create new safety and skills trainers along with providing new training techniques to existing trainers. This is a training with something for everyone that is accessible and applicable to all crafts and trainers - new and experienced.

The TTF Train the Trainer: Teaching Techniques and Presentation Skills workshop is a free, two-day training that covers effective teaching techniques, learning styles, training design, and lesson planning. Ample time for practice is provided. It is a rigorous, information-packed, and rewarding two days where participants have the opportunity to learn and network with new and existing IATSE safety and craft skills trainers from around the US and Canada.

This workshop was designed to take IATSE workers who are experts in their craft who are or will be training at their local and teaches them education and training techniques to improve their presentation and sharpen their skills as teachers.

What is it?

The TTF Train the Trainer: Teaching Techniques and Presentation Skills (the original TTF Train the Trainer) is a general workshop for subject matter experts who teach at the local level on how to prepare for and conduct successful safety and skills training. Read more about what happens after the Train the Trainer course here.

Who is it for?

It is intended for trainers who will be using TTF Safety Curricula, other existing curricula, and those conducting skills training which they design themselves. It is appropriate for new trainers, those who want to become trainers, and seasoned trainers. Read this flyer to see what else attending this training can do for trainers.

What do you do in the training?

Over the course of two days, topics such as effective instruction and presentation techniques, curriculum design, adult learning theory, and coaching skills will be addressed. The workshop will also allow for ample time to practice the skills being addressed.

How do people apply?

Local unions are invited to nominate up to three IATSE workers from their local to attend our two-day customized TTF Train the Trainer workshop (number of nominees varies based on location). Nominees should be IATSE workers who wish to become new safety or skills trainers for your local and who you will use to conduct safety or skills training. Individuals who already conduct safety or skills training for the local are also encouraged to attend. The application must be filled out and signed by an elected local union officer (e.g., president, secretary treasurer, BA) or the training coordinator. Applications received directly from individuals wanting to attend will not be accepted. 

Is there a cost?

The two day workshop itself is free of charge for participants. The IATSE Training Trust Fund cannot, however, cover the costs for travel, lodging*, meals or per diems associated with travel, or participation in this workshop.

Hotel Subsidy

*NEW! Limited hotel subsidies may be available to qualifying locals.


The TTF is excited to announce the expansion of our Train the Trainer Program. We have developed an advanced workshop for graduates of the TTF Train the Trainer: Teaching Techniques and Presentation Skills course. This two-day, intensive workshop is intended for individuals who have conducted at least three craft skills or safety training classes for their local since attending the Train the Trainer: Teaching Techniques course (the original TTF Train the Trainer).

What is it?

Workshop participants come to class with a concrete lesson they want to newly develop or further develop. Participants will learn about and develop various types of activities that demonstrate elements of their lesson plan. The purpose is to use activities to explain the abstract concepts of the safety or skills course being developed/further developed. Ample time will be given in class to write the activities that will be incorporated into the course being developed. Participants must meet the course requirements and be nominated by their locals to attend. Potential participants will need to submit course outlines for the course they plan to develop along with the application.

Who is it for?

It is intended for trainers who have participated in the original TTF Train the Trainer and who are conducting skills training they design themselves. Trainers must have presented at least three courses or trainings and reported these to the TTF for tracking.

How do people apply?

Local unions are invited to nominate a trainer from their local. If space permits, you may send a second person to attend. Nominees must be IATSE workers who have attended the Train the Trainer: Teaching Techniques course and have taught at least three classes since attending the first Train the Trainer session. The designated local union officer will complete and submit one application for each trainer in their local.

Is there a cost?

The Training Trust Fund is paying for the cost of three nights of room and taxes at the hotel where the training is held. Breakfast and lunch will also be provided by the TTF on days that class is in session. As with other courses, the TTF cannot pay for the cost of travel, meals outside of the ones provided, other incidentals, or per diem costs.
I came into the Train the Trainer course with no experience & no curriculum. Now I have the skills to go home and start building an Education Program for my Local that will continue for the life of our Local!
— Amy Carr-Taylor, Local 772
An eye opening experience. This course will make my classes much, much better.
— David Satin, Local 600
This course didn’t meet my expectations, it exceeded them! The analysis, design and delivery format really helped me understand a better way to teach and use assessment to make sure the learners are getting the information they need. Loved it.
— Alex Kavanagh, Local 873
This course made me realize more effective lesson planning and training techniques, including student engagement and how to break down instructions for easier training.
— Ellen Arden, Local 798
A fantastic, supportive environment to hone our teaching skills.
— Doug Hook, Local 58
I’ve been training over 30 years, but this course gave me a whole new perspective on how to improve my lesson plan and keep students more involved and interested.
— Douglas Hart, Local 52
Great instructor who connected with the learners! Very inspirational.
— Christian Lemay, Local 667
Being from a Local that is just beginning its formal training program, this course has provided significant affirmation of concepts already adopted and given a solid direction and methodology to follow/adopt.
— Joe Beck, Local 6