The IATSE Training Trust Fund offers opportunities for eligible workers to achieve and maintain the skills, ability and knowledge necessary to meet the ever changing technologies in the entertainment and exhibition industries.

The Safety First Curriculum is Here!

IATSE TTF Safety First! Curriculum Modules developed by UCLA

These customized safety modules with detailed instructor's notes are now available to all locals to use in conducting training. All modules address best safety practices and are lecture/small group activity based.

What makes this curriculum special is that there are case studies from the various crafts to go with the safety modules. This makes the curriculum relevant to the various crafts and means it can be customized based on the group being taught. The instructor manuals give a detailed script and the modules can be taught by instructors of all levels, even a brand new trainer!


Upcoming courses

New IN 2017!


The TTF is excited to announce an expansion to our Train the Trainer Program. We have developed a train the trainer workshop for those graduates of the TTF Train the Trainer: Teaching Techniques course with Dr. Johnson. This two-day, intensive workshop is intended for individuals who have conducted at least 4 craft skills or safety training classes for their local since attending the Train the Trainer: Teaching Techniques course.

Workshop participants will come to class with a concrete lesson they want to develop/further develop and work with Dr. Johnson and in small groups on their lesson plans. Participants must meet the course requirements and be nominated/selected by their locals to attend. Potential participants will need to submit course outlines for the course they plan to develop along with the application materials.

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