Notable Upcoming Safety Events/Dates

International Worker’s Memorial Day

April 28 is International Workers’ Memorial Day (Workers’ Memorial Day in the U.S.A./ National Day of Mourning in Canada). The victims and their families who have been killed or harmed in the workplace, deserve our support and prayers.

On Friday, April 28 the IATSE International Moment of Silence, commemorating International Workers’ Memorial Day will be observed. Workers and Locals are asked to pause at work, their local offices, or where ever they are and stop for a moment of silence.

Links that may be helpful in commemorating this day are below:

Workers Memorial Day

Canadian National Day of Mourning

NAOSH Week – May 7-13, 2017

The North American Occupational Safety and Health Week (NAOSH) is a week dedicated to raising safety and health awareness in workplaces throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Many things can be planned for this week such as posting safety reminders on employee bulletin boards or articles in Local Union newsletters. Others include having more safety meetings at work or holding safety trainings during this week.  NAOSH week is a great time to have a class.

If you have a training person, use the “Intro to OSHA” module from the OSHA 10/GES curriculum to put on a class. It has great information about OSHA and how to report hazards. Contact us for more information or simply fill out the application for this curriculum here.

More information on NAOSH week can be found at these links:

Annual Fall Safety Stand Down – May 8-12, 2017

As part of raising safety awareness during NAOSH Week, OSHA has puts together a fall prevention campaign, the Annual Fall Safety Stand-Down.  Falls from elevation make up over a third of the deaths in construction workplaces. The worst part is these deaths are preventable. This campaign is meant to focus on this high-risk issue to reduce the number of people hurt. While certain IATSE workers are more exposed to working at heights than others, basic elements of fall-protection, such as safe use of ladders apply to many IATSE workers in all crafts, and they will find these resources useful.

OSHA has developed several resources, including “toolbox talks”, that may be used throughout the safety awareness week and beyond. Toolbox talks are outlines for short 5-10 minute talks on identifying and responding to common hazards, short videos, and handouts (including inspection checklists). There are also posters and other promotional materials.

You can get information by following these links:

OSHA Safe & Sound Week – June 12-18, 2017

A proven method of creating a safer workplace is for a company to have a health and safety program. The program is a plan that employers make to try and eliminate hazards at work. A program uses some specific elements like employee participation, good communications, and training to achieve the goals of safety.

For more information follow these links:

Heat Illness Prevention Campaign

Excessive heat is always a potential hazard to workers. Possible harm includes death. Having water, rest, and shade are the simple step to prevent problems. A heat prevention program also requires that emergencies are planned for, and that employees receive training. This summer, be aware of the heat and ask your employer about their heat prevention program. For more information:

OSHA provides a plethora of resources including posters and other hand-outs;

There are training tools anda social media toolkit with sample tweets, hashtags, etc. that can help increase worker awareness around this completely preventable form of workplace illness:

OSHA also has a Heat Safety Tool app for both iPhone and Android Smartphones:

The TTF offers safety and training resources to all IATSE workers, locals, and employers.  Our staff can assist you, no matter what your training needs may be. Information, including a downloadable guide to setting up a training program, may be found here.

ETCP Launches Portable Power Distribution Technician Practice Exam

For Immediate Release
Contact: Meredith Moseley-Bennett

The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) will launch a practice exam for the Portable Power Distribution Technician certification examination on April 1, 2017. The web-based practice exam will consist of fifty questions is available from that date forward for forty dollars at Candidates should go to the “Candidates” link and then follow the menu to ETCP and choose this exam.

The ETCP Council understands that there is a certain amount of fear surrounding the exams because many candidates have not taken an exam in quite some time and/or may be unfamiliar with computer-based testing. The fifty-question practice exam will provide candidates with a valuable tool for self assessment. There is no application process with the practice exam; so any interested candidate will be able to take the exam privately at home, at the office or on the road whenever it is most convenient for him or her. Candidates have 30 days to complete the exam.

I speak with candidates every day who are intimidated by this exam. Our hope is that the candidates who opt to take the practice exam will go into the actual exam feeling more comfortable and confident because they have gotten a general sense of the exam beforehand. Since the practice exam is exactly one-third of the test questions of the final exam, the candidates can time themselves for one hour to make sure they are answering the questions within the proper time-frame. At the end of the practice exam, candidates will be provided with a score report that is divided into the broad areas of the content outline which will help them get a sense of the areas that need more attention.
— Meredith Moseley-Bennett, ETCP Certification Manager

The ETCP Council members are key leaders drawn from entertainment business, labor, facilities, associations, and academia representing the diversity of the entertainment industry. Membership includes ESTA, AMPTP, Cirque du Soleil, CITT, Disney Theatrical Productions, IAVM, IATSE, InfoComm, The League, Live Nation, NBC Universal, PRG, PSAV, TEA, and USITT. ETCP is an ESTA initiative created to promote industry safety.

Don't forget that the TTF can reimburse you for the full cost of the ETCP exam once you pass! Read more about the program and download an application here.

New Local One OSHA Outreach Trainers: Michael Caffrey and John Lott

Congratulations to Michael Caffrey and John Lott from IATSE Local One who completed the OSHA Outreach Trainer program at Rutgers School of Public Health OTI Education Center! The TTF continues to support locals who develop their own trainers through the OSHA Training Institute Supported Funds program and by making the TTF OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety Curriculum available to locals.

I look forward to bringing safety awareness to our jurisdiction as an instructor for the IATSE TTF OSHA 10/GES. As entertainment specialists, we must recognize our workplace hazards as well as our rights. We should come home as we left for work.
— Michael Cafrrey

Michael Caffrey, Local One

I am looking forward to teaching the OSHA 10/GES courses to new members and those who haven’t had the chance to take the class previously. By teaching these classes from a stagecraft point of view, I will be able to highlight the unique hazards we face in the entertainment industry and make the training more relatable to our members, which will improve the overall safety culture.
— John Lott

John Lott, Local One

Michael has been a proud rank and file member of Local One’s jurisdiction for the past 25 years. He is currently the Chairman of The Board of Trustees and Co-Chair of the Local One Safety Committee. He has received his B.S. in Labor Studies and is a ETCP Certified Electrician. Currently working at Carnegie Hall, he has worked throughout the jurisdiction including Broadway, Television Studios, Madison Square Garden, and the Met Opera.

John is the Head Carpenter at The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and is a member of the Local One Safety Committee. In addition, he also serves as the Organizer for Local One. He has a BA in Technical Theater and a MS in Safety, Security, and Emergency Management and is an ETCP Certified Electrician. He has over 20 years of experience working in a variety of entertainment disciplines and venues.

Free Networking Technology Online Course Through IATSE TTF/InfoComm Partnership

Did you know that you can take free online courses through the IATSE TTF/InfoComm Partnership? When you register for InfoComm membership through the TTF, you can access free and discounted training and seminars, free event and trade show admittance, networking opportunities, tools, and resources for AV professionals. Free, online courses include AV Math Online, CTS Prep Online, Essentials of AV Technology, Event Setup for AV Techs Online, InfoComm-Recognized AV Technologist Test, Project Management for AV Online, Quick Start to the AV Industry Online, and now, you can also take Networking Technology Online free of charge!

Networking Technology

This is an interactive core knowledge course for all AV professionals. You will learn the basics of networking from an AV perspective, while gaining the tools you need to have a meaningful conversation with your IT peers. Downloadable labs also allow you to explore networking concepts on your own computer to see how they work.

Who Should Take This Course

AV professionals, who design, implement, maintain or manage networked AV systems, including:

  • Designers who use network infrastructure for signal transportation or control
  • Installers who connect gear to a network or configure network settings
  • Service providers who troubleshoot network-connected systems
  • Candidates for any CTS® certification needing extra study on networking
  • Students intending to take the advanced course Networked AV Systems
  • Any AV professional who wants to prepare for the future of AV


It is strongly recommended that students complete Essentials of AV Technology before taking this course.

Course Features

This online class lets you learn at your own pace, while testing your knowledge along the way. During this course, you will:

  • Review how to discuss AV network requirements with your IT stakeholders
  • Compare and contrast the most common network-based AV transmission protocols
  • Interpret IP addresses and subnets
  • Identify network security threats and countermeasures
  • Use common network diagnostic tools and perform basic network troubleshooting


Further Study: Networked AV Systems (NAVS)

Click here to learn more about the IATSE TTF/InfoComm Partnership.

Click here to register for the IATSE TTF/InfoComm Partnership.

TTF Continues to Grow - New Forms and Email Address to Help Improve Program Operations

The TTF has grown so much over the past few years and continues to grow. We are receiving so many new applications and requests that we added a new email address so we can continue to receive and process your applications in a timely manner. The TTF forms and applications have been revised to include this new email address for forms and applications:

Please delete previous versions of TTF forms and applications and use the ones posted on our website. The updated forms and applications can be found on the respective program page or course listing and on the Participant and Local Union Forms & Applications page.

All completed applications and forms should be emailed to

The email address still works and is used for any general questions you may have about IATSE TTF programs and courses. 

Our applications and forms are always fillable PDFs, and we suggest you download the PDF directly to your local computer. For ease in completing the form, use the latest version of the free Adobe Reader or a similar PDF reader.

Hotel Subsidies Now Available for Train the Trainer

The TTF is pleased to announce that we can now offer hotel subsidies to locals sending trainers to the Train the Trainer: Teaching Techniques and Presentation Skills course. The subsidy application must be submitted together with an application to attend a 2017 session of the TTF Train the Trainer: Teaching Techniques and Presentation Skills. The subsidies are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to qualifying locals. Subsidies, when awarded, are non-transferable. Click here to download an application and read on for more details.

How much is the subsidy?

The subsidy reimburses for the actual cost of up to three nights lodging for up to $250 per night (room and taxes only, at a maximum of $750 for three nights or $500 for two nights) and will be paid as a reimbursement to the local union. Transportation, meals, and incidentals continue to be the responsibility of the local union and/or the individual students. Verification that the local union paid the hotel bill along with the full itemized receipt must be submitted no more than 30 days after the training. The invoice form and reimbursement process will be sent to local unions once they are approved for the subsidy.  A limited number of subsidies are available for each of the TTF Train the Trainer: Teaching Techniques and Presentation Skills sessions, and will be awarded subject to eligibility and on a first-come, first-served basis to qualifying local unions. Each qualifying local union may receive subsidies for no more than three trainers per calendar year. The individual trainers being subsidized to attend need to complete and return all Training Reports, Recommended Trainer Form, and other TTF forms collecting information about training.

Who is eligible for the subsidy?

Local unions who submit a Form LM-4 or LM-3 (or, in the case of Canadian locals, those that have gross yearly receipts totaling less than $250,000) are eligible for a hotel subsidy in order to attend one of the scheduled sessions of the 2017 TTF Train the Trainer: Teaching Techniques and Presentation Skills. The application form will ask subsidy applicants to attest that their local falls within this category.

Subsidy applications are processed and awarded to qualifying locals on a first-come, first-served basis as they are received. Subsidies are limited, but qualifying locals that submit an application after the allotted subsidies for a course have been awarded may be placed on a waitlist.

How do local unions apply for the subsidy?

The subsidy request form should be submitted together with a local union’s regular application/nomination form to the TTF Train the Trainer. Both forms must be signed by an authorized representative of the Local Union’s Executive Board and the trainer being nominated for the subsidy.

TTF Train the Trainer Master Class Launches This Year!

The IATSE Training Trust Fund is launching a new course with Dr. Mark Johnson this year. The course is based on feedback from participants wanting a “next level” course, additional input from Dr. Johnson on their lesson plans, and time to work on course development.

The purpose of the new Train the Trainer: Master Class is to give both new and experienced local safety and skills trainers a weekend to work with Dr. Johnson and their peers on the writing, developing, and/or fine tuning of their course curriculum that will be taught at the local. This two-day, intensive workshop is intended for individuals who have conducted at least three craft skills or safety training classes for their local since attending the Train the Trainer: Teaching Techniques course and want to work on developing and/or fine tuning a safety or skills course.

Workshop participants come to class with a concrete lesson they want to develop or refine and will work with Dr. Johnson and in small groups on their lesson plans. Participants must meet the course requirements and be nominated/selected by their locals to attend. Nominated trainers turn in a course outline to their local and applications are then completed and submitted by a local union officer.

Course nomination criteria:

  • Completed the “Train the Trainer: Teaching Techniques” with Dr. Johnson
  • Currently teaching skills and/or safety courses at your local
  • Working on or want to work on developing a new course or improving a course that they already teach (courses taught with TTF curriculum or OSHA classes cannot be used as a course to be submitted)

The Training Trust Fund is paying for the cost of three nights of room and taxes at the hotel where the training is held. Breakfast and lunch will also be provided by the TTF on days that class is in session. As with other courses, the TTF cannot pay for the cost of travel, meals outside of the ones provided, other incidentals or per diem costs. All Master Class course sessions will be held in Kansas City. The first session is on May 20 & 21, 2017 with an additional session in the fall.

Local officers with questions about the Master Class should contact Executive Director, Liz Campos.

New OSHA Outreach Trainer: Eric Webster, Local 31

Congratulations to Eric Webster from IATSE Local 31 for completing the OSHA Outreach Trainer program at Metropolitan Community College OTI Education Center! With support from the TTF's OSHA Training Institute Supported Funds program and after applying to teach the TTF OSHA 10/GES Curriculum, Eric taught the first OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety course of the year in Kansas City, MO. As an OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer, Eric will be able to teach the TTF's OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety training for his local and other locals.

I am looking forward to spending more of my time helping to train members of our local and the Alliance in general in the things I have learned over the years. I am very excited about this new opportunity to teach the OSHA 10/GES class because no matter what your craft, safety is a backbone of whatever you do.
— Eric Webster

Eric is a 25 year member and is currently the Head Carpenter at Starlight Theater. He is also the Treasurer and member of the Education Committee of Local 31 in Kansas City. He spent 10 years touring with Broadway shows as the A1, and his sound designs have been heard across the country. He has BFA and MFA degrees and is a Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) and ETCP Certified Rigger-Theater. He completed the TTF Train the Trainer program in Boston.

Deadline for ETCP Applications for USITT 2017 Approaching

For Immediate Release from ESTA

Contact: Meredith Moseley-Bennett

212-244-1505 |

Deadline for ETCP Applications for USITT 2017 Approaching

All four ETCP examinations will be given on one session at USITT in St. Louis, MO on the morning of Saturday, March 11, 2017. The deadline is quickly approaching. Interested applicants must submit their application, along with supporting materials and fee, to the ETCP office no later than February 14, 2017. The ETCP office is located at 630 9th Ave, Suite 609, New York, New York, 10036. USITT members and employees receive a $100 discount on examination fees.

Candidate information, including eligibility requirements and applications, is available on the ETCP website. Materials can also be mailed by contacting Meredith Moseley-Bennett, ETCP Certification Manager, at 212-244-1505 or

ETCP provides evidence of technical proficiency and professionalism in the industry. Having ETCP Certification shows which technicians are in the top third of the industry professionals in North America. Furthermore, to maintain certification, continuing education credits must be accrued to prove certified technicians are current with industry developments and practices. 

Interested in studying for one of the examinations? ETCP offers practice examinations for the Arena, Theatre and Electrical certifications and a practice exam for the Portable Power Distribution Technician certification will be offered in April 2017. Looking for other ways to study? Form a study group or attend training events. Over 2100 technicians have joined the ETCP Study Group on Facebook which includes Certified Technicians who are more than willing to answer questions for those preparing for the exams. 

The ETCP Council members are key leaders drawn from entertainment business, labor, facilities, associations, and academia representing the diversity of the entertainment industry. Membership includes ESTA, AMPTP, Cirque du Soleil, CITT, Disney Theatrical Productions, IAVM, IATSE, InfoComm, The League, Live Nation, NBC Universal, PRG, PSAV, TEA, and USITT. ETCP is an ESTA initiative created to promote industry safety.

The TTF can reimburse you for ETCP exam costs. Learn more about the TTF Certification and Exam Reimbursement program here.

TTF Presents on Instructor Quality Initiatives at International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans Conference

Dr. Mark Johnson and Elizabeth Campos speaking on Instructor Quality Initiatives. Photo by Tom DeRoche, IFEBP.

Elizabeth Campos, IATSE TTF Executive Director, and Dr. Mark L. Johnson, Pittsburg State University professor, presented on Instructor Quality Initiatives at the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans - Institute for Apprenticeship, Training and Education Programs this week. Dr. Johnson teaches the TTF developed Train the Trainer workshops and together they discussed how specific teaching techniques can improve the learning environment and the impact use of those techniques has had on TTF courses and programs. Instructors who use a hands on approach, motivate and inspire their students allow for a class in which workers truly learn their craft. The TTF Train the Trainer focuses on steps trainers can take to make sure workers in their classes learn the content being taught including meeting worker-students' needs, customizing content and delivery, mentoring, motivation, using technology tools, and training and developing instructors.

You can read more about the methodology used in the TTF Train the Trainer in this article written by Mark L. Johnson, Ed.D. and Jeanea M. Lambeth, Ed.D. and published in Benefits Magazine: Redefining Instruction in Apprenticeship Training.

Click here to learn more about the TTF Train the Trainer.