Funding for Locals

Course Reimbursement

We offer reimbursements to local unions setting up their own safety and craft skills courses. Reimbursements are intended to help defray the costs of providing group training requested by local workers or signatory employers making contributions to the TTF.

Forklift Operator Training | Local 481

Forklift Operator Training | Local 481


The local union president, treasurer, BA, or training coordinator must submit a Course Reimbursement Application for consideration before the training takes place and preferably before any training vendor contracts have been signed. We can't consider applications for past courses. Course Reimbursement funds are available for safety and craft skills group trainings only.

You must submit your application at least two weeks before training takes place to allow time for review and processing. A description of the course content, topics covered, and instructor bio must be attached to the application.

Because we can only reimburse expenses itemized on the application, we suggest that you get a quote from the instructor or vendor before the training. If we approve your Course Reimbursement Application, we will email you the amount of approved funds and explain the process for submitting supporting documentation after the course. Please note that we may not be able to support your application at the full amount requested. Course funding is limited in order for funds to be available to as many locals as possible to help support their training.

Once Course Reimbursement funding is approved, your local's course will be listed on our Course Calendar and people will be instructed to contact you directly if they're interested in attending your course. You are not obligated to accept IATSE workers from outside your local, but it can be a good way to fill a course with extra seats.

After the training, your local will submit the TTF expense report, instructor invoice, itemized receipts, and TTF provided daily sign-in sheets for reimbursement processing. Reimbursements are based on itemized receipts, so if the amount spent is less than the pre-approved amount, only the actual amount spent is reimbursed.



  1. You must submit supporting documentation for approved Course Reimbursement requests within 45 days of completion of the training. After 45 days, the approved Course Reimbursement funds will be forfeited and redistributed to other locals who apply for Course Reimbursement.
  2. Approved courses must take place within the year in which they are originally scheduled. Approved funds can't be transferred to a course or year different from what is approved.
  3. If you need to change the date of a course after it's approved, you must contact us as soon as possible to avoid funds being redistributed.
  4. We can't consider applications for courses that have already taken place.
  5. We can't reimburse any course expenses without daily sign-in sheets.
  6. When you submit your sign-in sheets and supporting documentation for reimbursement, we'll upload the sign-in sheets to the Training Tracker for you. 
Dressing the Broadway Tour | Local 772

Dressing the Broadway Tour | Local 772

Entertainment Electrics | Local 251

Entertainment Electrics | Local 251


The Course Reimbursement Application is a fillable PDF form and must be filled out and signed by the local union president, secretary treasurer, BA, or training coordinator. The officer completing and certifying the application must be an officer other than the officer listed as a trainer on the application.

Applications will not be reviewed unless a description of the course content, topics covered, and instructor bio are attached. Please allow up to two weeks for processing. 

Download and save the fillable PDF form, fill it out using a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, and save your completely filled out and signed form before attaching the file and any supporting documentation when you email us.