Trainer Database


The Trainer Database connects local unions with local trainers. We make an effort to ensure trainers listed in the Trainer Database meet the criteria listed below. However, the TTF does not evaluate or certify trainers. It is the local's responsibility to verify trainers' capacities, certifications, quality of work, and suitability to their workers' training needs. The local is responsible for making all course arrangements including securing a training venue and equipment and paying for all course expenses.

Criteria to be listed in the trainer database

Trainers must:

  • Have attended Train the Trainer: Teaching and Presentation Techniques workshop or experienced trainers with excellent, proven knowledge of craft skills may also be nominated by their local.
  • Have already conducted at least five trainings, including at least two for their local.
  • Have knowledge of adult learning methods and an understanding of the unique craft skills and safety training needs of the IATSE workforce. 
  • Be willing to provide inquiring locals a trainer biography, course description, course outline, and references from other locals of past trainings they have conducted.

If you're a local officer and you'd like to list your local trainers in the Trainer Database, click here to download the form. Email your completed form to

How does the Trainer Database Work?

As a local union officer you gauge the interests and training needs of your local and determine which course is most needed. Fill out the form below and we'll send you a list of possible trainers you can reach out to. Use this list to organize your class!

What Courses are in the Database?

Here's a small sampling of the courses trainers have submitted:

  • OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety ©
  • CTS Test Preparation
  • Entertainment Electrician (ETCP Prep)
  • Aerial Work Platform Operator
  • Forklift Operator
  • Basic and Advanced Electrics
  • Prop Making
  • Basic Machine Sewing
  • Set Construction
  • Beard Laying and Facial Hair Fitting
  • Camera Dolly Technocrane
  • Firearms Safety
  • Carpentry
  • Dressing the Broadway Tour
  • Fall Protection








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