Training Tracker

With your courses all in one place, you can easily keep track of the safety and skills trainings taken by IATSE workers in your local. All the important information is at your fingertips and we do most of the work for you.

  • Have someone else track your local’s safety and craft skills training records for you

  • Run reports to see who's taken a specific course or all the courses an individual has taken

  • See which industry approved certifications your local workforce has

  • IATSE workforce records include any courses taken through or supported by the TTF and those submitted by the local

All your records in one place

We can keep track of the safety and skills training courses taken by all IATSE workers. All you need to do is send us some basic course information along with the course sign-in sheet and we'll track the courses your local or signatory employer presents.

If your local has requested funds through our Course Reimbursement program or is using TTF Curriculum (OSHA 10/GES, Safety First!, AV Essentials), you don’t need to submit your courses here because we're already tracking them for you!

Searchable, ONline DAtabase

The information you submit to the Training Tracker goes into a web-based, searchable database and you can search through your local's training records at your convenience. Locals can only access their own local's training records.

Participating employers can also search these training records once they request access.

How do I submit a Course?

  1. Download the Course Submission Form and Course Sign-in Sheet Template before your course. We suggest you type student names and contact info before printing the sign-in sheet to ensure all students get proper credit for participating in your local courses.

  2. Hold your course and make sure participants sign in for every day of training. Your sign-in sheet must have the following information: Course Name, Course Date(s), Local, Instructor Name, Participants’ First and Last Name and their birth year (for those locals opting not to use the TTF Sign-in Sheet).

  3. Email us the Course Submission Form and the sign-in sheets. You can also send us the Course Description and Instructor Bio as separate pages if you prefer.

How do I access the Training TRacker?

  1. Download, fill out, and email us the Training Tracker Access Application.

  2. We will email you a username and password.

  3. Click on the button above and enter your new login information.

  4. You can search information by course to see all IATSE workers who have taken that particular course or search by individual to see all courses taken by a given worker.

  5. Locals can only access their local’s course information. Employers can access the course information of each local.
    Employers: If you don’t know the local in the jurisdiction you want to search, use the Local Union Directory or contact us for assistance.


This database is overseen by the Trust’s staff. The content of this database tracks safety and training courses for Locals and their TTF Signatory Employers by collecting their course sign-in sheets and uploading the information obtained. While every attempt is made to ensure that information found in this database is accurate and up-to-date, some information is subject to change and all information is subject to the accuracy of the information provided for entry. The IATSE Training Trust Fund will not be held liable for information found in this database and reserves the right to alter the content of the database at any time.