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Our customized curricula provides locals with the tools they need to present the highest quality training to workers throughout the IATSE.

If your local is interested in using TTF branded curriculum, please have a local officer email a completed application, and we will contact your local and the trainers you identified to discuss curriculum use. The officer completing and submitting the curriculum application must be an officer other than the individual listed as a trainer on the application.

We encourage all locals using TTF curriculum to send their trainers to the Train the Trainer workshop. More information →


  1. Your local must use TTF provided sign-in sheets and evaluations for each class you teach with IATSE TTF curriculum and email these to us for tracking. All courses taught with TTF curriculum will be entered in the Training Tracker.

  2. Classes your local trainer(s) conduct using IATSE TTF Safety First! curriculum do not qualify for Course Reimbursement funds.

  3. Non-compliance with any of the above regulations may lead to the TTF recalling the right to use of TTF curriculum.

  4. These policies are subject to change at any time by the Trustees. The application and/or interpretation of these policies shall at all times be subject to the discretion of the Trustees, to the fullest extent permitted by law.


IATSE TTF OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety ©

OSHA 10/GES Books

Delivery of OSHA 10 training is an important aspect of helping the IATSE workforce increase their hazard awareness and ability to protect their health and safety while working. Modules are customized for the entertainment and exhibition industries and include: Introduction to OSHA; Personal Protective Equipment; Materials Handling, Storage, Use, and Disposal; Elevated Work Platforms; Walking and Working Surfaces; Hazard Communication; Electrical; Ergonomics; Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, and Fire Protection; Fall Protection; Hand and Portable Powered Tool Safety.

Using the resources provided by OSHA, the OSHA 10/GES © provides a foundation of safety training and hazard awareness for workers. Workers attend a 10-hour class delivered by OSHA-authorized trainers, who help to ensure that workers are more knowledgeable about workplace hazards and their rights. More information →

Locals licensed to use the TTF’s OSHA 10/GES © curriculum will be provided an Instructor Guide, PowerPoint Presentations, and Student Workbooks free of charge.

Be sure to attach your local trainer’s OSHA Authorized General Industry Trainer Card and OSHA #511 and OSHA #501 Certifications to the application when you email us.

IATSE TTF Safety First! Online Courses ©


Safety First! Online Courses ILT.png

You may already be familiar with the TTF Safety First! © curriculum books developed by UCLA. These new, narrated courses for locals are the exact same materials reformatted as courses for individuals to take in an online, interactive format and for locals to present in a group format. 

Case studies from the various crafts are included, making the curriculum relevant across the IATSE workforce. The sixteen modules will be gradually rolled out as online courses and include: Introduction to Basic Entertainment Safety; Biological Hazards; Hazard Communication: Workplace Chemicals; Chemical Protection; Electrical Safety; Fall Prevention and Protection; Elevated Work Platforms & Aerial Lifts; Scaffold Safety; Ergonomics; Noise Exposure; Confined Space/Small Space Awareness; Firearms Safety; Hand and Portable Power Tools; Compressed Gases; Rigging Safety; and Welding and Cutting.

Local trainers approved to use the Safety First! © Curriculum can access the Instructor Led Training (ILT) website to teach in a group setting using audio narration. This version of the curriculum was designed to be very user friendly and can be used with or without the narration. Instructors can choose which portions they choose to teach themselves and which portions they want taught through the narration. More information →