No Fee Courses

These courses are free for IATSE workers. If you're working in any of the crafts represented by the IATSE and working under an IATSE collective bargaining agreement, then you qualify. Some programs may have additional enrollment requirements.


OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety

This two-day training covers general industry safety and health principles and OSHA policies, procedures, and standards. Topics include scope and application of the OSHA general industry standards as they apply to the entertainment industry.

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Safety First! Online Courses

Courses promote safe working conditions by providing information, tools, and resources to recognize potential hazards and minimize risks. Case studies from the various crafts are included, making the curriculum relevant across the IATSE workforce.

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Online Safety for MPTV Workers

Courses developed by Contract Services for workers covered by the Area Standards Agreement including “A” General Safety Training, “A2” Environmental Safety, and “HP1” or “HP2” Harassment Prevention.

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IATSE workers can access to over 5,000 high-quality, instructional videos with a free subscription.

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AVIXA partnership

New and experienced audiovisual technicians will benefit from hands-on classes, online courses, AVIXA membership, and a certificate program.

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AV Essentials

We developed a customized course and certificate program with AVIXA for IATSE workers making the transition to audiovisual jobs. This four-day, hands-on, introductory course is part of the AVIXA/IATSE TTF Live Event Technician Certificate. 

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Practice your test-taking skills and identify areas of AV design to focus your study time before taking the CTS® exam.

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