Highlights of 2014 and Exciting New Programs for 2015

2014 was a very exciting year for the Training Trust Fund!  We launched our Entertainment Safety Tour, supported training for locals throughout the US and Canada, developed as an organization and added new staff.

We offered or supported 43 trainings for IATSE workers across the US and Canada, reached over 1200 IATSE workers through over 20,000 hours of training and reimbursed workers for over 75 ETCP certifications and/or CTS exams.

In 2015, we are working on a comprehensive entertainment safety curriculum that will be made available to all locals, offering a Train the Trainer course in centrally based locations to take IATSE  local subject matter experts and teach them educational techniques and making our General Entertainment Safety and AV lesson plans available to locals so they can train their members on the content.  We are also working on some other programs that will help increase the number of trainers available and track the training and certifications taking place at the local level.

We are very excited about all of our new programs and hope you will be too! We are adding several new programs but we are continuing our 2014 programs including the Entertainment Safety Tour, supported courses and exam reimbursement programs.  There are new applications and policies for some of the programs so please make sure to download the new applications from our website when you apply.  Information about the various programs -new and old - is on the website along with information about how to apply to the different programs.



IATSE Training Trust Fund