Training Spotlight: IATSE Local 514

Training Program

The IATSE Local 514 Health and Safety Fund, initiated a few years ago, enabled the creation of a Training Center whose facilities help to provide more training sessions. These trainings are instrumental to our members’ skills and aptitudes improvement, and we are particularly proud to contribute to workplace accident prevention.

Since January 2015, Local 514 has offered more than 60 training sessions to members and has issued more than 530 qualifications & certifications.

Among those, over 75 members have obtained First Aid & CPR certificates and 50 members have obtained Articulated Boom & Aerial Platform and Forklift certificates. Transport Department members have benefited from many training sessions in order to meet and qualify with the department’s standards.

As one of the recipients of the First Aid and CPR certificate, and as a result of his training, Local 514 Grip member Simon Hebert was able to use his knowledge a few days later. He was at the gym when a man near him had heart issues. Simon rapidly helped the man and likely contributed to saving his life.

Mentoring ETCP Exam

For the first time this spring, Local 514 held a seven day training session to help eight members prepare for the ETCP Arena Rigger certification exam. This session was divided in two parts: two days of math and five days of training sessions for the ETCP practice exams. This training session allowed eight members to participate and succeed in the exam on March 21st, 2015. Local 514 is proud to have a total of 11 ETCP Certified Arena Riggers amongst its members.

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