Murray Campbell of Local 484 Becomes an OSHA Outreach Trainer

Congratulations go out to Murray Campbell (L 484) for graduating the OSHA Training Institute’s OSHA Outreach Trainer program at Texas A & M. Murray is now an OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer and will be able to teach OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety trainings for his local. To become an OSHA Outreach Trainer, he took the OSHA 511 class and the OSHA 501 class after meeting the qualifications to take the OSHA 501.  Each course was several days.

Murray utilized the new program at the TTF so his local would be reimbursed for the cost of sending him to become an OSHA Outreach Trainer.  Murray is a great advocate for training and plans to attend one of the upcoming TTF Train the Trainer sessions.

 Are there OSHA Outreach Trainers in your local?  If so, please let us know!  Local Officers interested in developing someone from your local to be OSHA Outreach Trainer can read more here and/or contact us at the TTF for more information!