Anthony Gonzales, Edward Hotchkiss, and Bennon Prine of Local 479 are now OSHA Outreach Trainers!

Local 479 OSHA Outreach Trainers from left to right: Edward Hotchkiss, Anthony Gonzales, Ben Prine

Congratulations go out to Anthony W. Gonzales, Edward R. Hotchkiss, and Bennon L. Prine at IATSE Local 479 for completing the OSHA Outreach Trainer program at Georgia Tech OSHA Training Institute (OTI). Anthony, Ed, and Ben also participated in the TTF’s Train the Trainer program in April and after graduating from the OTI, they have now completed TTF credentialing as OSHA Outreach Trainers to present the OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety course as TTF Recognized Instructors! Anthony, Ed, and Ben join William F. (Fred) Moyse (Local 477) who was the first OSHA Outreach Trainer to become a TTF Recognized Instructor, followed by DonRio McNichols (Local 476) and Murray Campbell (Local 484).

Local 479 applied for the TTF OSHA 10/GES Curriculum earlier this year and used the TTF’s OSHA Training Institute Supported Funds program to send these trainers to become OSHA Outreach Trainers. They took the OSHA 511 and OSHA 501 classes after meeting the qualifications to take the OSHA 501. The TTF reimbursed their local for the cost of tuition at the OSHA Training Institute.

As OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainers, they will be able to teach OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety trainings for their local and other locals.

Are there OSHA Outreach Trainers in your local? Are you interested in using the OSHA 10/GES curriculum? If so, please let us know! Local Officers interested in developing someone from your local to be an OSHA Outreach Trainer can read more here and should contact us for more information.