IATSE Training Trust Fund Supports Collaborative Broadcast/Stagecraft Training

On Monday, January 4th, IATSE workers from Local 745 Broadcast and Local 13 Stagehands participated in the first Fiber Optic Basics class at the Excel Center in St. Paul Minnesota. The class was designed for 20 people and slots were filled in one day.

Jesse Madison of Local 745, a highly trained certified Fiber Technician, instructed members in the theory of Fiber Optic Light Transmission, troubleshooting cable with meters, basic maintenance, and special cleaning tools specific to fiber cable and panels.

International Representative John Culleeny, a 35 year veteran of sports broadcasting, worked with Instructor Jesse Madison in designing the one day class. Said Culleeny, "Copper cable as a transportation of digital signals is disappearing quickly. Training is one of the Four Pillars of IATSE and we are meeting that challenge that rapidly changing technology brings. We want our members prepared for the 21st century."

The IATSE Training Trust Fund supported the cost of the training and the Minnesota Wild of the NHL offered their facility for the class.

The IATSE Training Trust Fund and the IATSE Broadcast Department will continue to make this joint Broadcast/Stagecraft Fiber Optics training available. For more information about this program, contact the IATSE Broadcast Department. Interested locals need to contact the TTF about funding for this class after speaking with the Broadcast Department.

IATSE Training Trust Fund