Milestone: 200 IATSE Workers Receive InfoComm/IATSE Live Event Technician Certificate!

We are happy to announce that over 200 IATSE workers have earned the InfoComm/IATSE Live Event Technician Certificate! These dedicated workers have demonstrated their commitment to upgrading skill levels in the workplace through participation in the AV Essentials four day, hands-on class and the required InfoComm online classes.

The live training includes heavy emphasis on customer service as well as hands-on audio, projection, networking, computer skills, and appearance on the job. In order to pass the hands-on portion of this training, each student must demonstrate that they are able to set a breakout room to our specifications in a 45 minute window. They must also then take three online classes with InfoComm that include “Essentials of AV Technology,” “AV Math for IATSE,” and “Event Setup.”

This milestone also demonstrates the commitment the IATSE TTF, IATSE, and InfoComm have to advancing the skills of all IATSE workers.

Click here to learn more about the IATSE/IATSE TTF/InfoComm Partnership.