Are You Ready to Become a Trainer?

Over the past two years, 300 IATSE workers from 80 locals across the US and Canada have attended the TTF Train the Trainer! Has your local participated? Do you have the skills and techniques to tailor course materials and program delivery to your workers? Our next workshop is in Las Vegas, NV. Apply today!

Why You Should Attend

  • Learn how to conduct a needs assessment, develop learning targets, and create lesson plans
  • Learn the basics of adult learning theory and instructional design methods
  • Learn effective training techniques for connecting with IATSE workers, checking for understanding, and coaching for improvement

Calgary, AB Recap

So what happens at the Train the Trainer workshops? Here’s a sample of the lessons new and experienced trainers presented in Calgary this month:

  • Sheila Pruden, Local 873: How to lace up a corset
  • Dave Brown, Local 856: Firearms safety
  • Joe Topuschak, Local 295: Rigging terms safety
  • Braden Haggerty, Local 891: Dive safety hand signals

Thanks go out to our excellent hosts at Local 212 for helping us organize the workshop: President Damian Petti, Education Coordinator Trisha Weeks, and Union Rep Gie Roberts.

This course was fun and easy to follow. I’m amazed how much I learned without realizing I was learning.
— Kalyna Conrad, Local 212
It was great to be so skillfully manipulated in such a positive way by a master teacher to improve my teaching skills.
— Iain Rose, Local 300
It was amazing to see the skills that were developed or improved in two days. The most important thing is that it inspired training in ways that will greatly impact the ability of the students to learn.
— Dave Brown, Local 856
Dr. Johnson’s course set a level of engagement and learning that I will try to bring to all my courses in the future. Truly fantastic.
— Peter Daprato, Local 873
I liked the way it forced me to identify & structure my lesson plan. It reinforced the step by step process.
— Rick Creswicke, Local 212