IATSE TTF & West Coast IA Staff Trained in CPR AED

IATSE TTF and West Coast IATSE staff participated in Heartsaver® CPR AED training this week. The trainings were taught through a combination of video and hands-on practice led by Howard Keys from Local 80. Howard has been an IATSE member for 37 years and has taught CPR for as many years. Knowing how and when to give CPR and proper use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) is important because if used within a few minutes of sudden cardiac arrest, they can restore a normal heart rhythm in victims and strengthen the chances of survival.

Ask your local if they offer this important training or find a CPR AED training through the American Heart Association. The TTF offers reimbursement to individuals who complete this and other trainings. Download an application here and read more about our Certification and Exam Reimbursement Program here.