New Local Reimbursement for OSHA 503 Refresher Course

As part of our commitment to support local training efforts, we’re expanding our Develop a Local OSHA Trainer program to include reimbursement for OSHA 503. The OSHA 503 training provides an update to OSHA General Industry Standards and OSHA policies for authorized trainers and must be completed every four years.

To be eligible for this reimbursement, local unions must have developed a new OSHA Outreach Trainer with support from the TTF. Only locals who were reimbursed for OSHA 511 and OSHA 501 tuition can continue to take advantage of this program. Locals must also be actively teaching the IATSE TTF OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety curriculum to be eligible. Locals who meet both criteria are encouraged to apply for reimbursement to send their Local OSHA Trainer to this refresher course.

We will confirm your local’s eligibility through the Training Tracker. When you apply for Course Reimbursement for your OSHA 10/GES classes, we automatically enter your classes in the Training Tracker. You can also submit classes directly to the Training Tracker if you don’t participate in the Course Reimbursement program.

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