All IATSE Locals Are Now Eligible for OSHA 10/GES Course Reimbursement

The IATSE TTF now reimburses locals for their OSHA 10/GES classes! Local unions who teach classes using the IATSE TTF OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety Curriculum © are now eligible for Course Reimbursement funds.

How do we apply for funds?

  1. Develop a local OSHA Outreach Trainer with help from our reimbursement program or ask for a list of trainers from the Trainer Database.

  2. Apply to use the TTF’s OSHA 10 curriculum using your local OSHA Outreach Trainer. We’ll provide you access to customized PowerPoint presentations, an instructor guide, and student books for all classes.

  3. Submit a Course Reimbursement Application by the posted application deadline.

  4. Present your OSHA 10 class! It’s that simple!