Trainer Development

Train the Trainer:
Teaching and Presentation Techniques


Our workshop covers effective teaching techniques, learning styles, training design, and lesson planning. It is a rigorous, information-packed, and rewarding two days where participants have the opportunity to learn and network with new and existing IATSE safety and craft skills trainers from around the US and Canada.


What is it?

The Train the Trainer: Teaching and Presentation Techniques (the original TTF Train the Trainer) is a general workshop for subject matter experts who teach at the local level on how to prepare for and conduct successful safety and skills training.

We offer this Train the Trainer course across the US and Canada in centrally based locations to develop high quality trainers with the ability to deliver safety and craft skills training at the local level. This workshop was designed to take IATSE workers who are experts in their craft, who are or will be training at their local, and teaches them education and training techniques to improve their presentation and sharpen their skills as teachers. We want to turn subject matter experts into great teachers who can make lesson plans and deliver content to workers in a way that makes it easy to learn.

Who is it for?

It is intended for trainers who will be using the OSHA 10/GES or Safety First! curriculum and those conducting skills training which they design themselves. It is appropriate for new trainers, those who want to become trainers, and seasoned trainers.

What do we do in the training?

Over the course of two days, topics such as effective instruction and presentation techniques, curriculum design, adult learning theory, and coaching skills will be addressed. The workshop will also allow for ample time to practice the skills being addressed.

Is there a cost?

The two-day workshop is free of charge for participants. The IATSE Training Trust Fund cannot, however, cover the costs for travel, lodging, meals, or per diems associated with travel or participation in this workshop.

Hotel Subsidy

Limited hotel subsidies may be available to qualifying locals.
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How do We apply?

A local union officer should download the application from the course listing linked below. Local officers select up to three IATSE workers from your local to attend our Train the Trainer: Teaching and Presentation Techniques workshop. Select IATSE workers who you want to develop as new safety or craft skills trainers for your local and who you will use to conduct safety or craft skills training. Individuals who already conduct safety or craft skills training for the local are also encouraged to attend. The application must be filled out and signed by an elected local union officer (i.e., president, treasurer, BA) or the training coordinator. We can't accept applications directly from individual trainers.

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After the Train the Trainer

Tell us about the safety and craft skills courses you're teaching after participating in the Train the Trainer workshop. Member and Permit Orientation, Job Steward Training, and other union skills and leadership classes should not be reported here.