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We’re excited to announce a new course: CTS Prep! This three-day course explores the CTS® exam format and includes a review of exam content areas like creating, operating, and servicing AV solutions. You’ll work collaboratively, study with the help of industry experts, and identify CTS exam study needs with drills and exercises including concepts, math formulas, vocabulary, and diagrams. You’ll also learn test-taking strategies and what to expect the day of the exam.

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Twelve Courses Now Available

Safety First!
Online Courses

Introduction to Basic Entertainment Safety; Biological Hazards; Hazard Communication: Workplace Chemicals; Chemical Protection; Electrical Safety; Fall Prevention and Protection; Elevated Work Platforms and Aerial Lifts; Scaffold Safety; Ergonomics; Noise Exposure; Confined Space/Small Space Awareness; Firearms Safety; and Rigging Safety are available now.

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Learn how the IATSE Training Trust Fund can help you

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Learn How to use the Course Reimbursement Program to support your Local TRAINING needs


No Fee Courses

These courses are free for IATSE workers. If you're working in any of the crafts represented by the IATSE and working under an IATSE collective bargaining agreement, then you qualify. Some programs may have additional enrollment requirements.


OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety

This two-day training covers general industry safety and health principles and OSHA policies, procedures, and standards. Topics include scope and application of the OSHA general industry standards as they apply to the entertainment industry.

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Safety First! Online Courses

Courses promote safe working conditions by providing information, tools, and resources to recognize potential hazards and minimize risks. Case studies from the various crafts are included, making the curriculum relevant across the IATSE workforce.

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Online Safety for MPTV Workers

Online safety training for workers covered by the 2015-2018 Area Standards Agreement. The General Safety Training “A” and Environmental Safety “A2” Safety Pass courses were developed by Contract Services.

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IATSE workers can access to over 5,000 high-quality, instructional videos with a free Year Four Subscription.

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AV Essentials

We developed a customized course and certificate program with AVIXA for IATSE workers making the transition to audiovisual jobs. This four-day, hands-on, introductory course is part of the AVIXA/IATSE TTF Live Event Technician Certificate. 

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AVIXA partnership (Formerly InfoComm)

New and experienced audiovisual technicians will benefit from hands-on classes, online courses, AVIXA membership, and a certificate program.

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Practice your test-taking skills and identify areas of AV design to focus your study time before taking the CTS® exam.

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Certification Reimbursement

We reimburse workers for industry certifications because we know that ongoing training is important to stay competitive, grow  professionally, and perform craft work safely.

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Course Reimbursement

You know your workers' training needs best. When your local organizes a safety or craft skills class, we'll reimburse the local for providing group training.

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Develop an OSHA Trainer

Want the flexibility of setting up OSHA classes when you need them? We'll reimburse your local to develop an OSHA Outreach Trainer to teach the OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety curriculum at your local.

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Whether you want to turn your subject matter experts into local trainers or need to find a seasoned instructor for a class you have in the works, we're here to help! 


Trainer Development

Train the Trainer: Teaching and Presentation Techniques
A two-day workshop for new and existing safety and craft skills trainers that covers effective teaching techniques, learning styles, training design, and lesson planning. Learn More →

Train the Trainer Master Class: Teaching the Theoretical
A three-day, intensive workshop for trainers actively teaching classes for their local after attending the Train the Trainer: Teaching and Presentation Techniques class. Trainers learn to use activities to explain the abstract concepts of the safety or craft skills course they're developing or improving. Learn More →

Locally Offered AV Essentials
We train your local AV trainers and provide books and some basic gear for the class. Learn More →

Borrow Our OSHA Trainer

We can send our OSHA trainer to your local to teach an onsite class and help you get started with safety training. Learn More →

Trainer Database

Not ready to develop your own courses? We can connect you with trainers in our database to meet your local’s needs. Check out some of the available courses and contact us for a list of trainers. Learn More →




Curriculum Library

Use our customized OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety and Safety First! Online Courses to deliver essential safety and well-being trainings to your local. We'll supply you with books and templates to make your classes a success!

Training Tracker

Our searchable database makes it easy to browse your local's training records at your convenience. Simply send us information on your local's classes and we'll track your trainings and certifications for you!

Course Templates

Ready for your first class? Download and customize our course templates to organize, advertise, track, and evaluate your courses.